The Operating System for next-generation airlines

Say farewell to piecing together different vendors, integrations, and clunky software. Farel delivers one seamless, all-in-one, software platform engineered for growing airlines.

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Turbocharge revenues with multichannel retailing

Generate new revenue streams by offering expanded, personalized ancillaries across every customer touchpoint, from check-in, inflight, arrival and more.


Replace headaches with seamless automation

Save time, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency with our end-to-end automation of time-intensive operations.

  • Full / Partial Refunds
  • Rebookings
  • Flight Cancellations
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Confident decisions from real-time insights

No more hours spent collecting and trying to make sense of your data. Our system automatically processes hundreds of data points and brings them into one central dashboard so you and your teams have the most accurate picture of your airline at any given moment.

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No more hidden fees and surprises

Say goodbye to confusing pricing schemes and expensive implementation. Our simplified, pay-as-you-grow pricing model means we adapt to the unique needs of your airline, not vice versa.

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